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Remote Queue Manager

Remote Queue Manager Personal

Freeware Printout Management

While acknowledging the growing reliance on electronic document formats, let us not forget that printouts still hold their ground in a document life cycle. A single printout can consummate many hours of work. That is why network printout management is considered among primary IT functions. Effective management here can lower office downtime and curb stationery consumption. Centralized monitoring and redirection of print jobs should balance printer workload and ensure smooth unbroken performance on printers across a network.

Remote Queue Manager is a printout solution, which can effectively manage printout workloads. It ensures timely detection of printer errors and overloads and helps redirect print jobs elsewhere. Our print queue manager provides the user with a visual management tool to control print workload across networks. Centralized real-time monitoring and workload management are available from anywhere in a network. No less important is a handy in-depth configuration, which enables you to deploy Remote Queue Manager equally rapidly on a print server and a client desktop. After establishing a connection to a printer, the printer manager will be receiving detailed real-time updates on the printer's status and queued jobs.

Main Features

  • View of the printer status and the detailed list of its jobs
  • Property edit for any print job
  • Get full name from Active Directory for creator of print job
  • Print server detailed configuration
  • Printer ports detailed configuration
  • Print job detailed information: name, pages, copies, size, time, paper size, priority, color and duplex mode, data type
  • Intuitive user interface with multilingual support

Remote Queue Manager Personal

What's new in 6.0

  • Added IPv6 computer names determination
  • Added support of XPS page description language
  • Added signed uninstaller
  • Improved support all Windows DPI scaling options (125%, 150%, ...)
  • Improved multiple monitor support
  • Improved page counting for several HP printers
  • Improved support of many Konica Minolta printers
  • Many small and internal improvements and fixes
Version: 6.0
Date: January 16, 2020
OS: (32 and 64 bit)
Windows 7/8/10
Windows Server 2008/2012/2016

HDD: less than 8 MB

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What's New

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